Hello world.

We've launched the Fiserv EMEA Developer Portal for businesses who want to manage their end-to-end payments experience – from taking payments to analysing data.

You can access the website now at https://fiserv.dev/ 🎉


What is it?

Our new developer portal is where you can discover our APIs, SDKs & integrations for our EMEA merchant acquiring products.

For each product we provide: 

  • Quick-start guides & tutorials
  • API/SDK references
  • Use cases (such as accepting a card payment)
  • Code examples

We’ve enhanced our documentation to speed up the time to your first successful API call.

You can find our products listed on our landing page including what’s live now, in early access, being developed and what’s on our future roadmap.

Visit https://fiserv.dev/ to learn more.


Product overview & roadmap

Developers API1024wOur landing page provides a detailed product roadmap allowing you to visualise what the future with Fiserv will look like. You can register your interest or request a preview to the products that are coming soon. If you can’t see a product, then get in touch as we want our roadmap to reflect the solutions you need.



Documentation icon1024wWe have revised and enhanced our integration documentation to help developers easily understand the products, and business processes. We provide step by step examples of common API use cases and API specifications to help you make your first of many API calls with Fiserv. 


Developer Portal


We have redesigned the registration and logged in experience allowing you to procure auto approved sandbox keys and request production keys with great ease.  

3D Secure ready1024wSecurity is paramount for our developer platform. A new feature allows developers to request restricted keys specific to their product(s) of interest. We have also maintained the standard key functionality from our previous logged in experience to give access to all our products with a single key. 


Early access

Roadmap1024wAt launch, merchants can also get early access to Soft Point-of-Sale which enables businesses to take contactless payments using their Android device. Our logged in experience will soon also provide other integrations such as SDKs, webhooks & events. 


🚨 Alert: free swag

We love hearing customer feedback and we have swag for you! We will send swag to the users who send in valuable feedback. Contact us via the support page.


What should you do next?

We would like to invite you to visit our site at https://fiserv.dev, register an account, get a sandbox API key, and integrate with our products using the documentation. 


Got a question?

If you have any questions then please contact us via our support page!