Changelog, September '22

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In this post you'll learn about the updates, improvements and products which we released in Q3 of 2022. 

API updates this quarter

Transactional Data API improvements

Funding API1024wAdded functionality to the transactions endpoint to enable query searching with fundingId. Learn more >

Statements API improvements

Reporting & Statements API1024wNew sandbox environment to test the statements APIs, and additional improvement to query parameters to ensure consistency across APIs. Learn more >

Disputes API

Disputes API 41024wView, manage and respond to your transaction disputes/chargebacks to effectively defend and manage costs. Try out the new sandbox environment. Learn more >

Checkouts API

Production aplication APPROVED 21024wAccept payments through checkouts with reduced PCI requirements. Try out the new sandbox environment to start generating checkout pages. Learn more >



Developer Experience Enhancements

Postman collection improvements

Developers API1024wStart testing and integrating faster with Fiserv APIs with our enhanced postman collection which contains all the API endpoints you need with pre-loaded examples. Enter your environment details, like your API key, and get started with a couple clicks. Learn more >

Enhanced "try it out" feature in documentation

Developers Portal1024wAs an added security feature in our payment and checkout APIs, we include a message signature to help prevent middle-people attacks. This enhanced security is great when going into production, but when trying to test it out quickly in sandbox it adds a couple steps. To enhance the developer experience, when using the "Try it out" feature on our developer portal, you will not require a message signature when testing sandbox - this means our examples work super quickly and all you need is a sandbox API key and a few clicks! Learn more about message signatures >

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