Changelog, June '22

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In this post you'll learn about the updates and products which we released in Q1 & Q2 of 2022. 

API updates this quarter

Fundings API

Funding API1024wRetrieve funding information, from a high level summary of the money coming into your accounts to the individual line item detail. Learn more >

Statements API

Reporting & Statements API1024wSearch for your available statements and download generated PDFs.
Learn more >

Terminals API

Terminals API 21024wRetrieve terminal data and update a terminal record where it's been attached or detached from another device. Learn more >

Oracle OPERA Plugin

ePOS1024wIntegrate Fiserv payment processing in Oracle OPERA - a property management system which provides point of sale and back office operations. Learn more >



API updates last quarter

Documents API

Documents API1024wProvide and manage documents, primarily used in merchant boarding, such as identification, contractual and financial documents. Learn more >

SCA Exemptions API

SCA API1024wAssess e-commerce transactions to apply exemptions and reduce friction in the checkout process. Learn more >

Authorisations API

Authorisation API1024wRetrieve every payment authorisation, allowing you to understand the frequency and cause of declines across all channels. Learn more >

Transactions API

Transaction API 21024wTrack all your cleared transactions, enabling you to measure the actual cash flow at each location or channel. Learn more >



Developer Portal

API Keys

WDevelopers API1024we have enhanced security by creating restricted keys; you can now choose which API products your keys work with. Learn more (requires log in) >

Soft Point-of-Sale (Early access)

Soft Point-of-Sale 31024wSoft Point-of-Sale enables merchants to accept payments on Android devices. Learn MoreGet started >


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